Music Motivation Education Organization was founded to teach the youth the business behind the music industry, all while assisting them in finding their skill-set; whether it be in music business management/independent label management, visual production, music production, lyrical composition, and artist development. By motivating them through a stimulating music business curriculum; the youth ranging in age of 08-20, will learn everything from: business development, media training, music production, social media promotion, online marketing, music production/recording/mixing, to stage performance coaching. Most independent artists don't know the basics within the business side of the music industry. The kids who follow their artistry just see the smoke and mirrors created by their team, buying into the false truth created by the artist's team. They're lacking business development education and artist management training. We aim to provide the youth with a facility which will house a recording studio, performance/rehearsal space, video production unit, and business classes. We will provide them with industry professionals such as: Entertainment Managers, Promotional Executives, Radio Executives, A&R Executives, Grammy Winning Producers/Writers, and Label Executives; who will train them on the basics and cater the curriculum to fit their age range.


    Board members of Music Motivation Education consist of: Ron Bato - President, Kelly Bato-CFO, Myisha Johnson-Event Coordinator, Ed Waterford-Music Director, & Ani Galestanian - Director of Music Business and Online Promotion Curriculum.

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    Ron Bato, who has been granted the CEO of MMEO, has extensive background as having launched several types of businesses in the music industry such as being the owner of a 24 hour internet radio network and being an executive at Southern Glaciers Wine & Spirits. Through his leadership skills and business development experience, he plans on implementing tactics to track the allocation of funds prior to even handing of financial records to the accountant. Ron has been tasked to continuously confirm that the funds for the charity are being used in an effective manner. Ron has owned and still owns a wide range of businesses, such as a clothing company which he is the co-owner and founder. He has also served as Vice President of WCE Records, where he conducted marketing and sales for this independent music record company. While being to utilize his extensive experience as a business owner and music industry vet, he will be able to properly guide MMEO and keep track of the funds received to better this non-profits chances of achieving a successful outcome. Our efforts and hard work is all done to ensure the youth who attend Motivation Music Education receive the best knowledge we can offer them. This is not a baby-sitting service or a day-care program, it's an educational center which will foster the growth of the talent that they already possess. With Ron's leadership skills, MMEO plans on targeting a specific demographic with kids ranging from their early teens to about 18 years of age.

  • Myishia Johnson


    Myishia Johnson is a compassionate, business savvy lady who wanted to give back to her community through philanthropic acts. She decided to give back by bringing her intellect and talent's to MMEO. She felt she can best influence the youth through music. Myishia received her education within liberal studies, earning her BA in order to become a teacher. She possesses an multi-subject teaching credential. Myishia has been influencing and nurturing our youth by being a teacher. Her students look up to her and respect her for being a positive influence. She proudly states, "I plan to teach and encourage the youth to express themselves in a positive manner. I love children and have children of my own and I want to ensure the youth has more opportunities and programs to allow them to use their talents in a positive way."

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  • Ani Galestanian


    Ani Galestanian, started her venture in the music industry as a writer then went to school to receive her education in Music Business Management and Marketing. She has managed, promoted, and developed artists for over a decade now. She has worked on online branding and promotion for corporate companies as well as start ups. Her knowledge pertaining to legalities such as contract composition, talent contract negotiations, business management and entertainment management; makes her the right candidate to compose the curriculum for Artist Business Management, Online Branding, and Promotion. She continuously motivates those around her to set their goals high and form a strategic plan in order to accomplish said goals. Ani plans on guiding the youth by providing them with necessary building blocks which will allow them to become accomplished members within not just the music industry, yet within Corporate America, in general.

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  • Ed Waterford


    Ed Waterford, began his journey into the music industry with the intent to provide artists who may not have the funds or reach, that a major label may grant you, with avenues to obtain their budget and become informed about the business side of the music industry. He plans on creating a program in which the music scene in Las Vegas can also benefit from, through the youth that we accept into the MMEO Non-Profit program! However, Ed's main objective is one he shares with Ron, and the rest of the board members/instructors at MMEO...to provide the youth within the Vegas community a safe place where they will be able to receive an education, all while giving them a creative outlet! Not only will they receive an education, however they will learn critical information about the ethics one must follow in order to be successful in the music industry; such as being respectful, humble, yet firm when it comes to not being seduced by the evil's that are associated with being in the music industry. We will be instilling methods to increase their self-confidence in order not to fall prey to such pressures; especially the young ladies who want to pursue a career in the music industry.

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